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Dang Douille Andouille Eating Contest

The Andouille Eating Contest “The Dang Douille”, will be held on Saturday, October 15th at the 43rd Annual Andouille Festival.

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Contest Rules:

Individuals: No more than 20 individuals will be selected to participate. Each contestant will be provided an equal amount of Andouille. The first contestant to finish all of the Andouille on their plate wins.
The casing will be removed from the link of Andouille. To finish you must put the Andouille in your mouth, chew it and swallow it. You may only use your hands. No non-body utensils are allowed as part of the Contest. Participants may sit or stand during the competition. Contestants are not allowed to touch or attempt to swallow their opponent’s Andouille. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. Contestants may not put additional Andouille in their mouth after the ending signal, but will be allowed 15 seconds to swallow any Andouille already in their mouth.
Water will be provided, but contestants are welcomed to bring a beverage of their choice.

The entry fee for the contest is $10 for Individuals.

Prior to participation in the Contest, all contestants are required to review and sign the Contest Rules and Waiver of Liability form.

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